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Too burdensome, Gerindra asks govt to review hajj fee


Jakarta, IO – Gerindra Party asked the government to review the plan to increase the cost of hajj pilgrimage to Rp69.1 million.

During the party’s Regional Working Meeting (Rakerda) in Lampung on Monday (30/1), Gerindra Secretary General Ahmad Muzani considered the cost to be too burdensome.

“Gerindra faction in House Committee VIII has asked for further negotiations with the government to discuss this issue,” Muzani said, reported Kompas.

According to him, many people who have a mediocre income are saving to pay for the pilgrimage fee. He deemed the planned increase would discourage them from making a pilgrimage.

“They are small people, such as meatball sellers, motorcycle taxi drivers, honorary teachers who save money little by little to go on a pilgrimage. So, if the cost goes up to Rp69 million, it will be too burdensome,” he said.

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Earlier, the Religious Affairs Ministry’s Director General for Hajj and Umrah Hilman Latief said the government’s fee hike proposal has been calculated proportionally.

“This aims to ensure that the benefits for all Indonesian haj pilgrims, including those who are still on the waiting list, are not diminished,” said Hilman. (at)


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