Tony Fernandes: Achieving his wildest dreams

Tony Fernandes. (photo: Yuliani Liputo/Mizan)

IO, Jakarta – Owner of low-cost carrier AirAsia Tony Fernandes has just launched a book called Flying High, about his childhood dreams that came true – to create an affordable airline.

At the Flying High launch in Jakarta, on Thursday, Tony claimed that in his younger days he had a box dedicated to his dreams, from music, sports, to his own airline.

“Years after I graduated from school, a friend sent me a box containing a list of my dreams when I was 20 years old, ranging from soccer team and car racing to an airline,” he said.

Today, all of his dreams have come true and he encourages everyone not to be afraid of having dreams that are too wild for some people.

“That box is my life, so it’s okay to have dreams of wild ideas. Just do what you want to do, and I feel very lucky to be able to have made those dreams come true,” said Tony.

It was undeniable that he had to face challenges, and hard work was the key to fulfill his dreams.

Who would have guessed, a man who started a carrier as a modest accountant could reach dreams that are desired by many children in the world, one of them is to have an airline and fly high?

Flying High is the title of Tony Fernandes’ memoir that was published by Kaifa Publishing House (Mizan) in early March 2019.

This book covers various chapters of Tony Fernandes’ life, and how he made AirAsia as one of the best airlines in the world.

The 241-page book became proof of Tony’s 16 years of battling people who underestimated him until he succeeded in fulfilling his dream.

He thrived in the music industry, as a businessperson in Warner Group, and also as a CEO of AirAsia. Furthermore, he also one of the owners of an England soccer team, Queens Park Rangers, and was involved in Formula 1.

AirAsia will always be the most important chapter for Tony Fernandes, like a victorious dream, although it was unpleasant at the beginning.

In Tony Fernandes’ hands, the airline was transformed from a company that was almost bankrupt, losing one million US dollars every month, into a giant industry in Asia – a low cost carrier. (Rei)