Toby’s Estate; Australian coffee shop with a distinctive taste of Indonesian coffee

Toby’s uses several local coffee beans. Among them are Sumatra, Toraja and West Java coffee. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – The name Toby’s Estate is already familiar to coffee lovers, Toby’s Estate Specialty Coffee Roast­er is now opening its newest outlet in the heart of the capital, in Grand Indonesia Mall, Central Jakarta. This coffee shop is from Sydney, Austra­lia. It was Toby Smith, the founder, who initially studied coffee in Brazil and Guatemala before opening his first coffee shop in 2011. This outlet became the fourth in Indonesia, after Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) Avenue, Pasteur 23 Bandung and Pondok In­dah Mall. Toby’s Estate Indonesia’s CEO, Imron J Kusuma explained, Toby basically wanted to invite and educate coffee connoisseurs how to enjoy good and decent coffee. Visitors can talk directly to the baristas and increase knowledge about the coffee they want to drink.

“Here is a place where people can come, sit, have a coffee, and chat. Essentially, it attracts and educates people to drink ‘the right coffee’ and appreciate it,” said Imron.

This Australian coffee shop con­siders Indonesia as the home of a variety of the best types of coffee. To­by’s uses several local coffee beans. Among them are Sumatra, Toraja and West Java coffee. The selection of lo­cal seeds is also done to adjust the taste of coffee to suit the Indonesian tongue. Imron added that Toby chose the best coffee beans for each coffee served. For this reason, the process carried out from planting to coffee in a glass is very long. Coffee farmers were also educated to produce superior cof­fees. “They are educated to be able to produce coffee that is better quality and can be valued higher,” he said.

Regarding the menu, specialty cof­fee is Toby’s Estate mainstay menu. The world’s best variety of coffee beans, including Indonesia, can be tasted with manual brew techniques. Starting from V60, chemex, aeropress and kalita. There are also various classic espresso-based coffee drinks such as piccolo, macchiato, latte, cafe mocha and babyccino.

The dominance of black, white and earth colors is very pronounced in the interior, so set foot to this one at Toby Estate’s. The bar where the baristas mix coffee is the first sight we will see when entering and it is located on the left side of the booth. The interior with the dominance of the color of the land and black and white apparently was deliberately chosen so that visitors feel the warmth like at home aka the impression of ‘hom­ey’ and relax while chilling out there. However, when compared to the first Toby’s Estate Indonesia outlet on PIK Avenue, these outlets tend to be more fancy and exclusive. To add a touch of warmth, Toby’s Estate Grand Indone­sia also uses large windows so that more sunlight enters the room. Not to forget the additional lighting through a series of dim yellow lights that in­creasingly warm the atmosphere.

As one of the lifestyle needs capi­tal society, we would definitely recom­mend Toby’s Estate for all you coffee lovers out there as it is worth a visit. (Aldo)