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TNI Commander reveals chronology of attack against TNI soldiers by Papua KST


Jakarta, IO – TNI Commander Adm. Yudo Margono described the chronology of attacks carried out by Papua Terrorist-Separatist Group (KST) against dozens of TNI soldiers stationed in Mugi-Mam, Nduga, Pegunungan Papua.

Yudo said KST attacked TNI soldiers when they were seeking information about the abducted Susi Air pilot who had been held hostage since early February, reported Merdeka, Wednesday (19/4).

“36 TNI personnel were ambushed and they engaged in gunfight with KST,” he said. Yudo also condemned the tactics used by KST. “During the shootout, they, they used women and children as human shield. As a result, TNI personnel were hesitant in returning fire.”

In the incident, one soldier named First Private Miftahul Arifin fell into a 15-meter ravine. When other personnel went down to help him, they were surrounded and attacked by KST.

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Arifin was killed while five other soldiers were shot and have been evacuated to Timika. Yudo said the five wounded soldiers are now in stable condition. (un)


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