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Titiek Puspa, singing & acting legend, New album launched on her 84th birthday/69th career anniversary


IO – Senior singer and recent birthday girl Titiek Puspa has been singing professionally for 69 years. To celebrate her 84th birthday on 01 November 2021, she launched two exclusive albums on digital streaming platforms: 69 Tahun Perjalanan Karir Titiek Puspa (“69 Years of Titiek Puspa’s Career”) and Puspa Dewi (“Divine Blossom” or “Floral Goddess”). The album was produced by three top musicians who were also Titiek’s lifelong friends Bing Slamet, Mus Mualim (later her husband), and Iskandar.

69 Tahun Perjalanan Karir Titiek Puspa and Puspa Dewi were simultaneously released on 29 October 2021 on all reputable digital musicplatforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Joox, Langit Musik, YouTube Music, Noice, and Resso. Their offcial video clips can be viewed on Vidio and on the “Musica Studio’s” and “Musica Klasik” YouTube channels, while the karaoke videos are available on YouTube’s “Musica Karaoke” channel.

Musica Studios released the album in honor of her nearly seven decades of musical career. Puspa Dewi was actually Titiek’s debut album, first produced and released by Bali Records in 1961. This is the album’s first release through a digital streaming platform. Bali Records is the first label established by Yamin Widjaja, founder of Musica Studios.

“Musica Studios released the album as an expression of its appreciation of the loyalty of Titiek Puspa, who has made her home here from her debut in 1961 up to now. I have the honor of knowing her from the days when my father managed the Company, so I can proudly say that she is part of my father’s legacy. I feel very proud and honored that now I have the opportunity to re-popularize her works,” said Indrawati Widjaja, Musica Studios Executive Producer and founder Yamin’s daughter. “For me, 69 years is really the duration of a legendary career. Is it any surprise that Musica Studios did not hesitate to launch an album commemorating 69 years of a certain Titiek Puspa’s career?”

“‘Puspa Dewi’ was a song created by Mr. Iskandar, a composer and conductor formerly affliated with the Studio Djakarta Orchestra. Apparently, most of the songs he composed in the album was inspired by me. Singers like me were quite rare back then: when I first sang, I was told that I sounded like I was reading musical notes only, and I was learning how to compose songs at the same time then. I only succeeded in composing a song in 1963,” Titiek said. “I hope that the album can appease the yearning of the friends who used to love singing Titiek Puspa’s songs, and can soothe and entertain its listeners during this time of the pandemic.” (rp)


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