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“Through Our Windows”
A view of the world through the eyes of autistic children


Jakarta, IO – The Bundaran HI (“Hotel Indonesia Roundabout”) MRT Station, Jakarta, was unusually lively that Saturday (18/06/2022). A row of colorful paintings cheerfully decorated the wall along B1 Exit of the station. Further investigation reveals that a special painting exhibition was being held there – one showcasing the work of autistic children. 

The Exhibition, which lasted until 30 June, was organized by, an organization focused on advocating the needs of disabled people, in cooperation with the MRT and Cultural Office of DKI Jakarta. Titled “Through Our Windows”, comprises the exhibition of 40 paintings on the walls of two MRT Stations: the Bundaran HI Station and the ASEAN Station. 

Maria Ulfah, founder of, states that there is a special meaning behind the Exhibition’s theme. “Every human is born with their own unique individuality, and each of these uniqueness must be acknowledged and celebrated. Autistic children need the chance to be seen from a different perspective: one where they are viewed as a blessing, not a burden. Therefore, we at hit on this idea to hold this painting exhibition as a forum to showcase the hearts and souls of autistic children through their work. We facilitate all types of disabilities. We are aware just how varied disabilities are, and that differently disabled children will have different hobbies as well. A lot of autistic children become more expressive and enthusiastic when painting. Therefore, we facilitate this to bridge them with neurologically normal society and get these neurodiverse children appreciated. We hope that it will help people to realize that disabled children, specifically autistic children, can be recognized and appreciated,” she said. 

Pameran Lukisan

According to The Asian Parent, autism is a neurological problem that causes communication and behavior issues. Symptoms of autism generally appear before a child turns three, even though it can be discernible soon after birth as well. There is a wide spectrum of symptoms that differ from one child to another, including in terms of severity. 

Let us shift our eyes back to the Exhibition. We must admit of an undeniable sense of amazement when we look at these works. Any casual visitor would never have guessed that special need children created them – these repetitive lines really do create distinct pictures. 


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