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Thrive Motorcycles – a status symbol


IO, Jakarta – For most people, the first impression about the word “motorcycle” always brings up the feelings of strength, speed, and conquering roads. Motorcycles are indeed impressive and ever since have been an important identity of American culture. Motorcycles have evolved from simple steam-powered bikes to efficient and sophisticated machines like the present days. In the 21st century, motorcycles are no longer a mode of transportation, but rather a symbol of that someone who drives it. Later, in Jakarta, many workshops of customized motorcycle start to emerge following the high appearance of modified motorcycles around the city.

One of them is the Thrive Motorcycle workshop, established in 2013 by five young men who want to live their dreams in the midst of urban life in Jakarta. These five-young people met and worked together since their time in university, where most of them are graphic design students who always have an intention to design and create their own custom works. Angga, one of the founders responsible for branding consultant explains, the founding of Thrive Motorcycle started from 2012, where they met each other to gather concept and idea for the workshop. Based from the value of this friendship, they made their first customization from a motorcycle owned by their own friend.

Thrive Motorcycle has the value of thinkers, not just a part-time worker, and always try to bring something out of the culture and whatever they have experienced before with the likes of fantasy, music, movies, and even history. The important thing is their constant desire to bring on the result from whatever things they love. They honestly acknowledge their lack of expertise in machine work, but passion leads them to continue the learning process, and always trying to produce the best outcome from all available materials.

“You could say that Thrive Motorcycle idea is quite radical and out of the box, because we focus on the quality and complexity of the product. Angga shows one of the motorcycle costumes he ever made, T005 Cross, which supported by Yamaha Scorpio engine. “One of our clients sometimes has difficulty in explaining what the concept is, and he only brings a sketch. Here we always available to help them develop the ideas further. For instance, this T005 Cross inspired by the Range Rover Defender car, also our clients intend to make things related to geometric shape, then we will surely help them to realize the dream,” Angga said.

So, Thrive Motorcycle creates a product based on the personality and hobby of the client. “It’s a useless thing to waste money just to get something that already exists in common. So, we created our way to crave the ideas through questionnaire, which is basically asks about the personal taste of our clients. Furthermore, we take a conclusion and adjustment from the questionnaire, then generated them into visual design,” he added.

According to Angga, 100% percent of the people who ride motorcycles in general, only 1% of them have a desire to build customized motorcycle, and it’s quite a rare occasion.

Right now, Thrive Motorcycle has already been established for 5 years, yet the whole crew still have a high desire to craft for a fresh concept and the latest ideas in the development of motorcycle costumes. Thrive Motorcycles also have a unique idiom which makes them well-known in the world of motorcycle industry. “Always hold the passion and always stick to the plan.” In the middle of a process, there will always be a distraction to drag your ideas away from the realization, and that’s true. So, stay focused on the plan, and most importantly, keep the idealism as a priority, ” said Angga on his final explanation.

(Raihan Ismail)


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