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Three Buns; Enjoy a burger menu with a cozy atmosphere


IO, Jakarta – Speaking of the culinary world in Jakarta is never-ending. When viewed, the number of burger bars in Jakarta is innumerable. However, from the hundreds that exist, only a few bars that have different characteristics, one of them is Three Buns. Three Buns has a focus on serving hamburger patties stuffed with meat, and vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Since it started operating, beginning of March 2014, this resto became the ‘hunted’ for culinary lovers in Jakarta. They say this place is always crowded and passing visitors never stopped coming until the restaurant closes.

Three Buns is a concept restaurant that has semi outdoor ornaments and wooden elements dominating the building. The room is like a big warehouse, but certainly with the setting items it looks more organized. On the front, there is a car that is used as a place to order menu. On the right of the room, is the place where the chef, staff and waiters are busy making orders and serve food and drinks. As for the visitors, there are four spots that can be selected to enjoy a burger while joking with friends. The central area is composed of a set of wooden chair tables if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant which is more ‘conventional’, or just a meal and take away.

On the left side of the room there is an area which has a concept similar to tatami, which consists of two sets. ‘Tatami’ area is suitable if you want a more private atmosphere without passing another visitor pass or a busy waiter to serve the order. The middle section is slightly upward, it is the ideal place to enjoy the whole atmosphere of the restaurant from the busyness of the staff and waiters and other guests. Then there is the top spot just below the roof, consisting of several sets of tables and chairs. Atmosphere of the resto looks interesting when seen from this area.

Now we review the food. By name, featured on the restaurant menu is of course a burger. Three Buns offers not just a regular burger, but the burger special. Unlike the burgers served at most fast-food restaurant, the menu in the restaurant with a bulldog’s head emblem which is directly cooked once ordered. Patty is using beef and chicken with the best quality. The bread is made fresh daily and burger sauce is homemade and slow cooked (not using instant bottled marinades or ready-to-eat) with it’s own compounded prescription.

One of the favorite menu in this restaurant is Rambo, the name reminds me of a movie character. Rambo has a stuffing patty of 150 grams of lamb, with green chilli, pickles, feta (white cheese) and cumin aioli sauce. The bread is made from whole wheat that is rich in fiber. In addition, there is also a Baby Huey containing 150 grams of beef, cheese, lettuce, ketchup, pickles and spicy mayo. In addition to lamb and beef there is also a choice of using chicken meat that is Honky-Tonk, chicken fillet burger with fries with condiments soy milk, cheese fritter, coleslaw, lettuce, pickles, spicy sauce and mayo spicy.

The third flavor burger is indeed unique and different from most other burgers. The Marinade tasted delicious, the meat was juicy and delicious. The sauce that is made progressively increased savory taste and its creamy taste is absolutely fitting. Only for those who do not like pickles or sour sensation on the food, the taste of pickles can ‘irritate’ the tongue a bit. So should you tell the staff if you want to order without pickles.

To quench your thirst, Three Buns Burger & Head provides some mocktail like Kriss Kross Colada (pineapple, coconut, lime) and Sherbie Hancock (citrus sherbet and lemon). Fresh sour taste dominates these two drinks, with a slight creamy taste on the menu Kriss Kross Colada. The price offered for the fruit burgers ranging from Rp 95 thousand to Rp 125 thousand. The price is not cheap for a serving of burgers. But, it is fairly reasonable considering the marinade is homemade and the using high quality materials. As for the drinks prices ranging from Rp 30 thousand. Three Buns Burger & Heads is located at Jl. Senopati Raya No. 90, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, and is open from 11.00. (Aldo)


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