Three antique gamelan sets worth Rp1.2b stolen in Yogyakarta

(Source: Tugu jogja)

Jakarta, IO – The ensemble of traditional Javanese musical instruments which belong to Pendopo Sukasman Wayang Ukur were stolen by AJ a.k.a Goweng (46) and NR a.k.a Kadir (43) on Sunday (11/12/2022), according to Mergangsan Police Chief Sigit Arianto, reported Kumparan, Friday (3/2).

Sigit explained that the theft was first reported by a witness named Jojok who came to the pavillion-like structure to practice. He found the wall damaged and three gamelan sets were missing.

Police began investigation and received a tip-off that someone was selling gamelan on Instagram. The police and witnesses immediately checked the gamelan. On January 16, police nabbed the seller and seized the instruments.

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Police revealed that the thieves tried to sell the antique gamelan for Rp6 million each, unware that they are actually worth Rp1.2 billion.

The perpetrators were charged with Penal Code Article 363 and faced a maximum 7 years in prison. (un)