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This is why Taliban bans women from university education


Jakarta, IO – Taliban’s Higher Education Minister Nida Mohammad Nadim revealed the reason behind the regime’s policy to ban women from universities. He said the ban is necessary to prevent the mixing of genders in universities and because he believes some subjects being taught violated the principles of Islam, reported the Associated Press on Friday (23/12).

In an interview with Afghanistan’s RTA television, Nadim said: “Girls were studying agriculture and engineering, but this didn’t match Afghan culture. Girls should learn, but not in areas that go against Islam and Afghan honour.”

According to him, the women who are studying at universities have also violated the dress code regulations. The ban will be in effect until further notice.

“We told girls to have proper hijab but they didn’t and they wore dresses like they are going to a wedding ceremony,” he said.

Afgan women have been protesting since this ban was imposed last week. Solidarity also came from male students who stopped taking exams and lecturers who stopped teaching until women’s right to have higher education is restored.

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Nadim rejected widespread local and international criticism, including from Muslim-majority countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar. He emphasized that foreigners must stop interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

Foreign ministers from G7 also urged the Taliban to lift the ban saying that it may amount to “a crime against humanity.” They warned that tough action would be taken if the Taliban does not revoke its policy. (bp)


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