This is what the Palace has to say on imminent cabinet reshuffle

Jokowi introduced his cabinet members. (Source: detikcom/Andhika Prasetia)

Jakarta, IO – Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung responded to the cabinet reshuffle rumour on June 15. “Cabinet reshuffle is the president’s prerogative. It’s up to the president when he wants to reshuffle his cabinet members, whether today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow,” he said in a press release on Tuesday (14/6).

Pramono added that President Joko Widodo had led the cabinet for eight years and is very aware of the needs of his cabinet.

“When he wants to do it, who the minister is, what party they are from, what the need is, only the president knows. Because this administration still has two years left, so the president will decide with regard to the need and speed,” added Pramono.

Separately, chairman of National Mandate Party (PAN) expert council Dradjad Wibowo, also responded to the rumour. He emphasized the speculation that “big names” will be gone from the cabinet might trigger a “domino effect” in the national politics.