This is how an ice seller in Madiun communicates with Bjorka

Bjorka telegram
Bjorka’s profile on telegram group. (IO/Ronald)

Bjorka offered to buy MAH’s personal telegram channel. This was agreed immediately by MAH because he badly needed money to buy daily necessities and help his parents.

However, MAH admitted that he did not leak people’s personal data because he doesn’t have the skills to hack into people’s electronic devices.

“I am also in wrong because I let Bjorka uses me to upload his content,” said MAH.

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The National Police (Polri) has named MAH as a suspect. He was charged as an accessory to Bjorka via the Telegram messaging app.

However, MAH was not detained and sent home after being questioned last Friday (16/9). He is required to report to the Madiun Police station twice a week. (rr)