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This is how an ice seller in Madiun communicates with Bjorka


Jakarta, IO – Muhammad Agung Hidayatullah (MAH), an ice seller in Banjarsari Kulo village, Dagangan district, Madiun regency, East Java, was forthcoming after he was arrested by the police on Wednesday (14/9) at 18.30 WIB. He admitted to helping the hacker who call himself Bjorka.

MAH admitted that he had sold his Telegram channel @Bjorkanism to Bjorka for US$100 worth of bitcoin, Detik reported on Monday (19/9). He said he simply wanted to help his financially-struggling parents.

He said he got to know Bjorka when he joined his group through a link

“I created @bjorkanism channel since September 8 and posted content for the first time on September 10, and in a short time gained 60,000 followers. Then Bjorka posed a question in the group and looked for the owner of @bjorkanism. Then I DM (direct message) saying it was mine,” he said.


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