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Theatrical performance outside MK to protest conflict of interest potential in the top court

Jakarta, IO – Kelompok Teater Sejahtera (Komunitas Teater Planet Senen) held a theatrical performance outside the Constitutional Court (MK), Jakarta, Friday (17/6), to protest the current state of the top court from the artists’ perspectives.

“We have to talk about reality, the Constitutional Court has become a family affair, it’s a fact. Like it or not, it did happen,” said the coordinator Dompak Tambunan.

As was widely reported, MK chief justice Anwar Usman recently married Idayati, President Jokowi’s younger sister.

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The protesters parodied a married couple seen sleeping on a bed holding a document. They were apparently discussing a court case, signifying a potential conflict of interest that can compromise a court ruling and undermine the public interest.

Dompak also gave the examples of recent Constitutional Court’s decisions to reject a judicial review on cooking oil supply chain, the Omnibus Law, and the presidential threshold. (Dumaz Artadi)

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