The thrill of aeromodeling, like flying the real thing

A JAC member performs a 3-dimensional maneuver. This maneuver is quite extreme because it is quite risky. (IO/Pramita Hendra)

Jakarta, IO – Various types of aircraft flew over the sky in Jakarta, Sunday (5/6). But they miniature aircrafts flown by remote control by members of the Jakarta Raya Aeromodeling Club (JAC), a hobbyist community.

JAC is one of the largest aeromodeling communities in Indonesia. The types of aircraft that took off to the sky vary, some use batteries, some use methanol as fuel.

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Even though they are model airplane, flying them is not an easy matter. The “pilots” must know the terrain and runways. In addition, it takes skills to control and maneuver the aircraft.

“We fly it like a real plane. We also have a philosophy of ‘Depart Whole, Return Whole.’ That’s why we fly by the rules, and we have to be disciplined,” said JAC secretary and treasurer Agus Harjanto. (Pramita Hendra)