The story of a struggle to fight for human rights in “Chasing Wrongs and Rights”

(IO/Aini Tartinia)

Jakarta, IO – Arbitrary treatment of human rights is still a common occurrence in many countries. This is a major issue for a female activist named Elaine Pearson, determined to fight this injustice. She spent her life defending victims of human right violations such as human trafficking and rejected asylum seekers, as well as helping families who lost relatives to war to seek justice.

In the discussion held on Saturday night (16/1) at Baca in Tebet, Jakarta, Elaine explained her experiences and struggles with fellow human rights activists in a book entitled “Chasing Wrongs and Rights” divided into four chapters – Human Trafficking, Asia, Seeking Safety Overseas and Australia. The 371-page book tells about her stories when meeting victims of human rights violations in various parts of the world: Australia, the Netherlands, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Nepal, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, China and Indonesia.

Since 2008, Elaine has researched, discussed and collaborated with a number of human rights activists in Indonesia. During several years of field work with Human Rights Watch (HRW), Elaine discovered various human rights violations from Aceh to Papua. One of the issues she tackles is the forced headscarf imposed on women in Aceh, especially at school. She has met government officials, Sharia police, police officers, local journalists and women’s rights groups.