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The sensation of sleeping on sand in Sumenep


IO, Jakarta – Have you ever thought of sleeping on sand? If you’re curious, please come to Kampung Kasur Pa­sir in East Legung Village, Sumenep, East Java. For those of you who want to visit Sumenep, don’t miss this vil­lage.

Why can’t be missed? It is because the activity of sleeping on the sand is only available in East Legung Village. At least, that’s what is explained by the Village Head, Adhan.

“Sleeping on the sand is a heredi­tary activity carried out by residents since ancient times. How did it begin, we also don’t know for sure. What is certain is that it has been a long time and it continues to be carried out until now, “said Adhan when inter­viewed at his home.

Even though it has sand, it does not mean that the people of East Legung do not have a mattress. Ac­cording to Adhan, housing facilities remain normal as usual.

“The mattress is there. But, resi­dents prefer to sleep on the sand. So in this village every house must have sand. Some are inside the house; some are outside the house. If you want to see people sleeping on the sand outside the house, just come in the afternoon, “he said.

Adhan explained, people who are accustomed to sleeping on sand will not feel comfortable if they have to sleep on a mattress – especially if the weather is cold.

“I Don’t know why, but they really prefer to sleep and relax on the sand. Instead they can rest more soundly if they sleep on the sand. When in bed, they’re not feeling calm. In fact, birthing is even done on sand, “he explained.

East Legung people believe that the sand they sleep on has a number of benefits, like curing sore muscles, fighting cold weather, and others. He admitted the sand is sticky on the body. What’s important to note is that no sand should get into the eyes or ears.

“There have never been reports of sand coming into the eyes even though residents are sleeping in the sand overnight. Or even any reports of sands entering the nose and ears. Indeed, the sand is sticky to the body, but it can be easily cleaned. After tak­ing a bath, everything is clean again, “he explained.

The sand used by residents is not just any sand. Usually, they trans­port it from Sand Mountain in West Legung village and Lombang Beach in the form of crystal sand, ivory white and not sticky on the body even when the body is wet. The sand is cleaned, then dried in the sun to remove mois­ture and water content.

These sands are not like most of the sand that we often encounter on the Saboom beach. Sand in the house of Legung people can adjust to weath­er conditions.

When the weather is hot, the sand can turn into a cool and com­fortable place to lie, and vice versa when the air feels very cold. That way, resting in this sand pile can indirectly eliminate sore muscles, rheumatic pain, and fatigue. Anoth­er most efficacious property is that it can prolong life, especially because the people with this tradition rarely get sick. (Pramitha Hendra)


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