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The romantic nuances and beauty of natural phenomena in the bowels of a cave


IO – Yogyakarta has not only saved all of its legendary local wisdom among tourists but from various aspects; it could be said that the city dubbed the ‘student city’ is definitely not inferior to other provinces in Java, especially when talking about tourism destinations. Starting from mountains, sea, and forests, Yogyakarta has now become the center of attention of local and foreign tourists with its diversity of natural beauty.

If you have plans to go to Jogja, don’t forget to visit Gunung Kidul Regency, which is only 1.5 hours from the city center. This regency in the east of Yogyakarta is famous for the Kars mountains which keep many tourist destinations hidden in the ground. One of them is a Kalisuci tourist attraction located in the District, Semanu, Gunungkidul Yogyakarta.

Kalisuci is in the Kars Gunungsewu area which has been protected and proposed by International Union Speleology (IUS) in 1993 which has become one of the world’s natural heritages. Interestingly, Kalisuci is a tourist attraction used for cave tubing, given that natural tourism areas such as Kalisuci are found in only three places in the world, namely, Indonesia, Mexico and New Zealand.

This nature tour is perfect for those of you who like adventures on the river. At a cost of Rp. 70,000, – You can feel the sensation of going down the cave underground for more than an hour. You will also be accompanied by a guide to begin the adventure. Whilst walking down the river, you will be provided with various equipment such as tires, buoys, helmets, knee safety, and elbow safety. After everything is ready, the guide will take the participants to the Kalisuci location not far from the base camp. On the way to the location you will pass the teak tree garden and down the stairs which are a little steep. In addition, you and your group will be given an explanation of the rocks formed in it.

Arriving at the location, that’s when the real adventure begins. The sensation of cave tubing: you will feel the underground whilst in the cave. Bats will be right above your head and make the atmosphere even more exciting for the tourists to conquer the 600 meter long river.

The flow of the river in Kalisuci is quite heavy, so each participant must join in so that they are not separated from the group. When doing cave tubing, don’t let it capture all forms of your adventure journey. Because there is a spot to take pictures with friends in the background of the cave mouth. You can also test your guts by jumping on a rock with a height of 3 meters.

As you reach the end of the search, you are also given the opportunity to swim before returning to the base camp. When you go to basecamp you have to climb steep stairs; physical endurance is very important in this regard. After that you will be picked up by a pickup truck to return and enjoy meals and drinks provided by them free of charge. (Pramitha Hendra)


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