The reason behind the establishment of Kopi Nalar, Jakarta

The interior for the main dining room is so unique, and the exterior design is airy. We can see that one of our IO teams, Raihan, really enjoys his time at this place. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – In the past few years, coffee shops have become a rap­idly growing business field in In­donesia, especially for the capital region. Coffee shops become a meeting place or a place to have discussions with relatives. Many coffee shops that have sprung up in Jakarta triggered Bagus, Hen­dra, Farrell, and Iqbal to build a coffee shop business in Kebayoran Baru area, South Jakarta. The four of them have the same fondness as coffee lovers. Starting from their daily lives who often visited many coffee shops just to meet to ex­change ideas, they agreed to build their own coffee shop. Thanks to the experience of experiencing var­ious types and flavors of coffee, the idea of opening a cozy coffee shop called Kopi Nalar was born. A coffee shop that carries a homey theme to feel at home.

According to Iqbal, he always tries to make updates in terms of coffee recipe inspiration such as following market tastes or under­standing what is happening to at­tract visitors. Research in making coffee recipes is very important for Nalar Coffee, they always monitor and trial before making a new cof­fee recipe, the taste of each menu is always closely monitored so that the quality is well maintained. In business, effective cooperation and promotion can strengthen the business foundation. According to Bagus and Iqbal, as a coffee shop that targets all groups of adults and teenagers, the concept is very cru­cial to increase the brand value of Kopi Nalar in the eyes of visitors. In terms of ambience, Kopi Nalar strives to make the concept com­fortable and homely, like a fun place to chat casually or plan a se­rious meeting.

In terms of the interior of the exterior, you can immediately feel the chill vibe. With a touch of wood that looks a lot and woven as a chair, Kopi Nalar brings you like you’re in Bali. Once inside, there is an outdoor area that you can use to enjoy the outside air. They also have a cool smoking room with cozy and colorful bean bags. In the interior it is equally inter­esting. There is a menu board on large wood which is quite unique.

Kopi Nalar uses mix of coffee beans to make each unique coffee blend it serves. I ordered Crème brûlée with based espresso coffee. (photo: IO/Aldo)

When I visited Kopi Nalar, I had the opportunity to taste a cold coffee dish with based espresso, namely Ice Crème Brûlée. The flavor produced from Ice Crème Brûlée is very refreshing, the com­bination of coffee that is slightly bit­ter and sweet also makes me feel a different sensation, especially combined with an outdoor din­ing room that is comfortable with a lot of green plants, making me feel at home in the Coffee Nalar. Besides providing coffee, Kopi Nalar also offers various types of snacks to heavy foods. It’s incom­plete if I don’t taste it. Fettuccine Carbonara pasta dish as the pre­ferred dish for my lunch. Pasta fet­tuccine carbonara here has a lot of portions and feels a little different because the cream given is quite a lot so it feels too creamy.

Reason Coffee is an alternative choice for urban society. If you want to visit this place, it is recom­mended to arrive early, especially on Fridays to Sundays, because Nalar Coffee does not serve place reservations. Independent Observer recommends it for those of you who want to taste a cup of coffee of the highest quality. (Aldo)