The People’s Sovereignty Movement demands the truth and honesty from KPU and Bawaslu

The People's Sovereignty Movement. (photo: D. Ramdani)

IO, Jakarta – Masyarakat Peduli Pemilu Adil dan Berintegritas’ or Communities that Care for Fair Elections and Integrity (MPPBB) has carried out the declaration of the People’s Sovereignty Movement (GKR) at Rumah Perjuangan Rakyat, Menteng, Jakarta.

The Deputy Chairperson of the Prabowo-Sandi BPN Advisory Board, Tedjo Edy Pudjianto, stated that The People’s Sovereignty Movement was born as a result of the many cases of injustice that occurred mainly tended to corner one of the candidate pairs in the 2019 Presidential Election.

Tedjo Edy Pudjianto also emphasized the People’s Sovereignty Movement was not a movement of treason, but a movement to demand honesty and truth from the KPU and Bawaslu.

“As a professional doctor, Dr. Ani Hasibuan wants to reveal a lot of things. But now she is being pursued by authorities and wants to be arrested. The same thing happened with Eggy, just by saying ‘people power’, now he is been detained in the Regional Police. We don’t know what the definition of plot is like, in 1998 the overthrow of the legitimate government was treason. with the results of Suharto being taken down from the position of president of Indonesia. The People’s Sovereignty Movement is not an act of treason but this is a movement to demand justice, truth and honesty from the election organizers,” said Tedjo Edy Pudjianto in Menteng, Jakarta, Friday (05/17/2019).

Prabowo Sandi’s BPN Board of Trustees, Amien Rais revealed that there were allegations of fraud in the 2019 General Election which disserve one of the candidate pairs. Amien Rais also said that together his party and the people will guard and ask for justice from KPU and Bawaslu.

“Sandiaga Uno is a gentle, friendly, smiling person. But if there is fraud in the vote counting  process, we must stand and defend it. Prabowo also stated that he fought alongside the people. We made the month of Ramadhan to seek the truth by making the People’s Sovereignty Movement,” said Amien Rais. (dsy)