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The number of sick KPPS officer reached 11,239 people


IO, Jakarta – The data that received from the Ministry of Health through the health offices of each province noted that the sick officers of the polling organizing group (KPPS) had reached 11,239 people and 527 people have deceased.

Based on the Ministry of Health’s press release received in Jakarta on Thursday (5/16), the number of sick and dead victims was the result of an investigation by the Ministry of Health in 28 provinces as of May 15, 2019.

The number of deceased election officers increased from 4 provinces, which are 9 oficers from North Sumatra, 4 officers from South Sulawesi, 1 officer from Bangka Belitung and 1 from West Sulawesi.

Based on reports from the health services in each province, West Java Province have the highest number of deceased officers which are 117 people, of which 24 were due to heart failure, followed by 82 officers in East Java with 11 heart failure. and 44 people Central Java.

Meanwhile, the highest cause of death of the 44 victims from Central Java was myocardial infarcts. Other diseases include hepatic coma, stroke, respiratory failure, emergency hypertension, sepsis, asthma, diabetes mellitus, kidney failure, tuberculosis, multi-organ failure, and several accidents.

Meanwhile for the sick officers who reached 11,239, many of them cause due to nine types of diseases, namely Emergency Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, Dyspepsia, Gastritis, urinary tract infections, syncope, and stroke. Cumulatively, the age of sick officers are 30-39 years old. (dsy)


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