The new face of Ayana Midplaza Jakarta

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – The comfort of guests while staying at a hotel is a priority for every hotelier. This is especially true for business travelers who have flown or driven long distances and face heavy work agendas such as attending meetings and conferences to make work reports.

To leave guests with a pleasant memory, Ayana Midplaza Jakarta has renovated its rooms so that they convey a new design style, as they are furnished and fitted with comfortable, complete facilities that make guests feel at home and enjoy every moment in the hotel, especially resting or working in the room.

Room renovations started in May 2019 and are expected to be mostly completed in August 2020. We have opened some new rooms for guest occupancy. The new room design was done by an internal interior designer from within Ayana Midplaza Jakarta.

“We have completed the second phase of the renovation of 136 rooms of different types, starting from Deluxe, Premier, Studio Suite and 1-Bedroom Suite. “This renovation covers nearly all areas of the room, including installing new carpeting, wallpaper, furniture, lighting, television, automatic toilet and sustainable guest amenities setup,” explained Ferdy Thaeras, Director of Public Relations & Marketing Communications.

Ayana Midplaza Jakarta embodies a modern minimalist concept suitable for both business and recreational travelers, by combining 21st-century style with authentic Indonesian hospitality, views of the city of Jakarta and a beautiful garden and swimming pool that can be directly seen from hotel rooms.

All types of renovated rooms have unique characteristics from the renovation, maintaining the facilities of a 5-star hotel and guaranteeing the comfort of its guests.

Starting from the Deluxe room, the most popular room type among business travelers, 37 square meters in size with an amazing view of the city of Jakarta. Guests can choose between King or Twin beds.

Then there is the type of Premier Room, where you can choose city or pool views that soothe the soul, while sipping coffee made from an exclusive coffee machine available in your room or enjoying the contents of the mini bar for free.

Ayana Midplaza Jakarta is also renovating other types of rooms, namely Studio suite type, where guests get coffee maker facilities, free mini-bar in the room and exclusive access to the Executive Lounge. Guests are also given access to use the meeting room specifically on the same floor for 2 hours, according to available occupancy.

The fourth type of room that has also been renovated is the One Bedroom Suite type, embodying the apartment room style, complete with comfortable living room typical of Ayana, while enjoying the atmosphere of a luxurious living room. You can warm up food in a small kitchen, accompanied by the beauty of spectacular views of the city of Jakarta.