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The meaning of Surakarta King costume worn by Jokowi at the commemoration of Indonesia’s 78th Anniversary


Jakarta, IO – President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo presided over the commemoration of 78th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia at the State Palace, Jakarta, Thursday (17/8). He wore Surakarta traditional costume called Ageman Songkok Singkepan Ageng.

According to Presidenri.go.id, Friday (18/8), the costume was commonly worn by the kings of the Surakarta Hadiningrat Kasunanan Palace when the king left the palace by riding a horse-drawn carriage to personally observe the condition of the people (Enggar Enggar Soho Tedhak Loji).

When carrying out activities outside the palace, the king would usually give money and food to his subjects. All of this was done as a symbol of love for his people. This activity is also referred to as turuba, or going down to the ground.

Other than Jokowi, the ministers, cabinet members and guests also wore traditional clothes from various regions.

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Jokowi said Indonesia’s diversity can be seen from the unique and colorful traditional clothes bring festive atmosphere to the National Day commemoration. According to him, this diversity is the strength that unites Indonesia.

“This is actually the strength of our country, of Indonesia’s diversity which unites all of us. If we are united, solid, coherent, this is Indonesia’s greatest strength,” said Jokowi. (un)


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