The luxury of serving typical flavors of the Archipelago

By carrying the concept of open kitchen, the chef's are seen cooking directly on each part of the kitchen which is divided into five parts kitchen. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – The convenience to dine in a fancy restaurant in a homely atmosphere can be found at Grand Café, Jakarta. Located on the lobby floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, the Grand Café comes with a ‘new face’ as an Indonesian restaurant using specially designed architecture to evoke your feelings as when dining at home. This restaurant has a home-like atmosphere and setting that is simple and warm, with details of various types of decorations and crafts typical of Indonesia, as if to tell the story of travels across the archipelago in Indonesia. Re-opened to the public in May 15, 2018, the Grand Café changed their concept and whole interior.

Now, the interior is made more elegant with the feel of a colonial-style Indonesian house that is thick with wood material nuances that is the dominant element in the interiors of this restaurant. On the wall, you can find ornaments of typical Palembang fabrics as well as carvings and ceramics that emphasize the distinctive Indonesian-Peranakan design elements. In order to present a more exclusive impression, the designer presents the wall with wall barriers, dividing into separate spaces.

In addition, combining earthy and natural tones of wood, marble tiles, glassware and a touch of Dutch colonial architecture became a new identity for the Grand Café.

“Once Grand Café’s design was roomy, now the nuance is more like a home. In addition, the capacity of the restaurant has also decreased because the distance between the seats is more spacious, “said Denny S. Wasana, as Assistant Director of Food & Beverage.

Each area has been designed like a room at home, call it a porch, living room, lounge, gallery, study room, terrace or balcony. Not only the concept of the interior has been changed, the menu is also 100 percent new. Each dining room has a unique feel and is different one another, and the parts can be combined to create a semi-private space. Two private dining rooms are also available; each can accommodate up to ten people, or up to 20 when combined. By changing the new concept, now the Grand Café focus presents a variety of typical Indonesian dishes in five open kitchens.

“The concept is now a buffet, but each dish is served when someone orders. There may be queue, but the food is guaranteed fresh, “said Peter Stettler, General Manager of Grand Hyatt Jakarta when meeting with Independent Observer. Peter also added, now the Grand Café has a chef dedicated to cooking mainstay dishes.

Grand Café itself is now promising Indonesian food adventure directly from five open kitchen posts with chefs who cook directly on each part of the kitchen. Special chefs prepare a multicultural heritage of Indonesian cuisine with kitchen cookware such as frying pans, grills, soups, steaks and baking places. Some of the menu that became a favorite here is the original menu typical of Indonesia such as pickled kecombran, oxtail soup, soto Betawi, rawon, and fried rice.

“So there are 5 open kitchen where each chef will handle the food that is served in particular, the food menu like fried rice, chicken noodles, or satay have become a favorite herem because it is the original and typical menu of Indonesia” concluded Peter Stettler.

A variety of delicious local foods are available throughout the day for lunch and dinner buffets. Also at breakfast a variety of international and Indonesian dishes are offered by the Grand Café. For guests who choose individual dishes, the menu is a popular à la carte dish as well as a typical menu where guests can choose smaller portions. A wide selection of Indonesian drinks, such as iced tea specials, mocktails and inspired cocktails from Indonesia are also offered here.

The Grand Café is open throughout the day, offering fresh food and emphasizing local flavors and home-style dishes. This restaurant is worth your visit when you want to enjoy Indonesian specialties, buffet menu lunch at IDR 350,000 ++ / person or buffet dinner for IDR 420.000 ++ / person. (aldo)