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The luxury Italian dishes at Bottega Ristorante


IO, Jakarta – For those of you who like Italian specialties, now in the SCBD area (Sudirman Central Building District) there is a restaurant that serves the best Italian menus, Bottega Ristorante. Bottega is present as a restaurant that offers fine Italian food. Located in the Fairground, SCBD, Jakarta, this location is a new place that is more strategic and also wider than the previous place in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta. As you enter Bottega Ristorante, you will see the interior design used represents a luxurious restaurant. Using the design of a sunrise-style ceiling with artistic brass finishing. This restaurant is dominated by gold, as seen in the use of gold mosaics, brass details in every furniture and lamp. Every visitor can watch the art deco details in brass crystal wall lamps and antique chandeliers with marble diffuser which was famous in that era.

The dining room consists of Alfresco, semi-outdoor and indoor areas. Entering the restaurant area, guests are welcomed by the alfresco area with a beautiful vertical garden behind a long bench. The main point of the open-air dining room is a reception desk made of brass. Continuing to the main entrance, guests enter the foyer area dominated by oak walls.

This corridor is a transition area between open, semi-outdoor and dining rooms. On the right, is a semi-outdoor area, where guests can see and feel the atmosphere like being in an outdoor area, but still in the indoor area. This area resembled the previous Bottega Ristorante design in an old location, with long and round benches, peacock mosaic tables, and window-shaped mirrors.

If you want the atmosphere of a romantic meal with your partner then Bottega Ristorante is suitable for you to choose as a restaurant you want to visit when dining dinner. Talking about the menu, Bottega Ristorante offers a full course menu from appetizers, main courses and dessert. Some main course menus that you can choose are Osso Bucco, Crispy Duck Confit, and Roasted Rack of Lamb with Parsley Crust. For those of you fans of risotto, you should try Turmeric Risotto with Squid Ink Crackers and Octopus, this risotto is made from Italian Arborio rice cooked with turmeric. The taste of the spices is very pronounced. Dry squid topping and very tasty grilled squid. For another new risotto menu is Squid Ink Risotto with Calamari. Arborio rice is cooked with squid ink, though it doesn’t taste fishy at all. Instead it adds to the delicacy of crispy fried squid which is used as a topping. Apart from risotto, there are other menus such as pasta that you can try the deliciousness. Sweet corn Capelacci with Mushroom and Sage, pasta with sweet corn cooked with chocolate butter sauce, corn and sage leaves. The mixture produces a milky taste with sweet corn dressing also feels soft on the tongue.

As a restaurant that provides comfort and a special dining experience, I recommend Bottega Ristorante for your visit if you want to enjoy amazing Italian specialties. The restaurant is open from 10am to 12pm Monday to Thursday, while on Friday to Sunday Bottega Ristorante is open from 10am to 1am. (Aldo)


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