The increasing need for telemedicine, sharpening employee productivity and performance


Jakarta, IO – Productive employees will carry out their duties in less time, thereby reducing the company’s operating costs and increasing profits. A survey from the Non-profit Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) shows that more than 90% of business owners agree that employee health can affect employee productivity and performance. Thus, it is a wise business decision for employers to do their utmost to ensure the health of their employees. 

In running any business, some expenses are unavoidable. What businesses can thus do is to minimize expenses by managing the factors that contribute to increasing business costs, foreseeing and avoiding risks before they manifest into problems. One key factor is health. 

In fact, the stresses and challenges of work can give rise to health problems or even disease.By the same token, poor health can interfere with efficient and effective work. Reporting from the article, a survey conducted by The Finery Report stated that 83% of respondents considered working overtime as “normal”. No less than 69% also admit that working on weekends is routine for them. In fact, 60% of them say they “feel guilty” if they do not increase their working hours outside of office hours. 

Such an extreme work culture (a “hustle culture”) has become increasingly widespread, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home makes it difficult for employees to properly allot their time between work and personal matters. In fact, it is not uncommon to be ordered to be on standby until midnight, so that a given urgent job can be completed. This situation can stress employees and affect their diet, so that diseases related to stomach acid, such as dyspepsia and GERD, become evident.