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The iconic Maimun Palace in Medan


Medan, IO – Medan is one of the largest cities in Sumatra known for many charming places, one being the historic and iconic Maimun Palace at 66 Brigjen Katamso St., Aur, Medan Maimun district.

The palace was built from 1888 to 1891 by the order of Deli Sultan Ma’moen Al Rasyid who is also known as the founder of the city. The palace used to be the center of the sultan’s administration. It was open to the public as a grand mosque.

According to report from Detik, Saturday (25/3), the palace features European and Malay architecture and has two floors with 30 rooms. It sits on 2,772 sqm of land. Yellow is the predominant color of the 132-year-old building because it symbolizes the greatness of the Malay nation.

(IO/Jessica Yiswi)

Maimun comes from the name of the sultan’s queen consort named Siti Maimunah. Much like Taj Mahal in India, the palace was built as proof of the sultan’s love to her. Maimun in Arabic means also means blessing as the palace is expected to bestow a blessing to the sultanate and its people.

The palace consists of three sections: the main quarter, the right and the left wing. Formerly the main building was used as a venue for coronation, traditional events, and to receive dignitaries.

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Since 2010, the Maimun Palace has been designated as a cultural heritage which must be preserved according to the 2010 Law on Cultural Heritage. Now, the public can visit and see the legacy and grandeur of the Sultanate of Deli by just paying Rp10,000 entrance fee. (bp)


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