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The iconic Jambi in 24 hours


Tugu Juang
Tugu Juang, with its beautiful wide garden and a diorama, depicting the struggle of the Jambi people. (Freddy Wally)

The T-junction of Simpang Tiga Sipin was indeed known as a battleground, between Jambi fighters and Dutch troops on December 29, 1948. During the fierce battle, local Jambi heroes who died included Raden Inu Kertopati’s son, who served as Official Resident of Jambi, R.A Rachim, KMS Agus, Sergeant Bais, and Abdullah from the police. 

A diorama of the Jambi battle is placed in Tugu Juang, complete with a beautiful garden for the public to enjoy and learn history. At times, the monument is closed for maintenance. 

Masjid Seribu Tiang 

The Great Mosque of Al-Falah, built in 1971 and completed in 1980, is the largest in Jambi. Standing strong on 256 pillars, the mosque is better known as a mosque with a thousand pillars. The mosque adopts an open pavilion concept with many supporting pillars and one large dome. The mosque was once the center of the Jambi Malay kingdom or Tanah Pilih during Sultan Thaha Syaifuddin’s reign. This mosque still functions as a house of worship for the Muslims of Jambi City and its surroundings. 

Sky Lounge Aston
Sky Lounge Aston Jambi, a romantic and interesting spot to view the sunset over Jambi City while drinking and savoring Jambi’s delicious culinary delights. (Freddy Wally)

Sky Lounge Aston Jambi 

The Lonely Planet tourist guide book recommends Sky Lounge Aston Jambi as a must-visit Jambi tourist destination, from which to enjoy a 360-degree view of Jambi City from the rooftop at the 12th floor of the Aston Jambi Hotel. It is Jambi’s finest spot for a drink and delicious food. Enjoy fantastic city views while sipping on drinks, or come for a meal served on the outdoor terrace or indoor lounge. It offers the most romantic spot during sunsets. 

General Manager of Aston Jambi Nico Fransisco offers Goat Tongseng (Tongseng is Indonesian goat meat, mutton or beef stew dish in curry-like soup with vegetables) and Oxtail Soup as the favorite menus, along with the iconic “Angso Duo” ice cream, inspired by the Jambi legend of two geese as the founder of Jambi land. 

With its indoor and outdoor areas, Sky Lounge presents local or national bands, Disc Jockey (DJ) and games for visitors’ entertainment. It opens daily from 4.30 p.m. to past midnight. Sky Lounge is the perfect destination to relax and unwind after exploring the warm and impressive city of Jambi. (Freddy Wally)


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