The Home Ministry urges local government to nurture digital villages

Yusharto Huntoyungo
Director General of Village Government Development of the Home Ministry Yusharto Huntoyungo. Photo: DOC. KEMENDAGRI

IO – Director-General of Village Government Development of the Home Ministry Yusharto Huntoyungo urges local governments at the village level to develop digital technology. 

A breakthrough is expected to accelerate services and improve performance accountability. The application of the digital system is also hoped to stimulate the potential of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the villages. 

Yusharto said the digital system would enable precise data collection so that government officials could formulate policies more efficiently. In addition, the system could help the village governments in a number of felds, namely budgeting. “To solve problems in society, digitization is no longer an option but has become a necessity,” said Yusharto during a working visit to Mount Masigit Tourism Village in Padalarang, West Bandung, Monday (2/14/2022). 

In his visit, Yusharto appraised some tourist attractions that had implemented the smart village system. He then commended Stone Garden Tourism in Mount Masigit Village, which implemented digital-based services. He believed the system could facilitate the management of tourist attractions in many service areas. This tourist spot has also implemented a cashless and paperless ticketing service, which helps the village government conveniently check visitor data. 

Besides the Stone Garden, Ciburuy Village in Padalarang District, West Bandung Regency, has also implemented digitization through the SimpleDesa application, which is used for governance or public services, social governance and economic governance. 

“In Ciburuy Village, communication and information between the village government and its residents are carried out digitally, such as paperwork needs that can be done more effectively,” Yusharto said. 

He hopes that the 165 villages in West Bandung Regency and village administrations in Indonesia can all be digitized. He also emphasizes how his team will be ready to find solutions through the command center if any problems arise. (eka)