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The history of old tramway track found during construction of MRT Jakarta


Jakarta, IO – Recently an ancient tramway track, built in the Dutch colonial era, was discovered during the construction of MRT Jakarta phase II in Harmoni, Central Jakarta. Research shows that it has a very long history, from horse carriage to an electric light train.

Charunia Arni Listya, one of the archaeologists who is handling the finding said the history of the tramway track began in 1869, when the Dutch ruled over the Dutch East Indies and Jakarta was still called Batavia, reported detik, Wednesday (16/11).

Initially, it was not in the form of a tram, but horse-drawn carriages for transporting passengers and goods. But the carriage turned out to be causing a lot of trouble, from the deaths of horses due to exhaustion to the city’s sanitation.

“The structure has existed since 1869, but it was still a horse tram at that time. 2-3 carriages were pulled by horses with heavy loads. At that time many horses died, and many Europeans protested this incident. Around 200 horses died at that time,” said Charunia.


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