The first anti-viral paint in Indonesia, Nippon Paint Develops Antimicrobial Silver-Ion Technology

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – The number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia has been increasing up until now instead of declining. Indonesia now ranks 22nd out of 216 countries in terms of case numbers, according to Worldometer statistics. Data released by the COVID-19 Response Acceleration Task Force also shows the disease has spread throughout all 34 provinces with 315,714 cases, 11,472 deaths, and 240,291 recoveries (last updated, October 7, 2020). 

Recently, there have been indications that COVID-19 has spread within the smallest societal unit or family cluster. The increase was caused by close contacts between family members who had been engaged in activities outdoors. 

In response to this recent trend, Adhyaksa General Hospital Pulmonologist Dr. Ahmad Muslim Nazaruddin, Sp.P. FERS, suggests that symptoms of common cold such as runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat, sneezing, coughing and fever may be signals of infection. 

“COVID-19 transmission happens when droplets containing the virus from COVID-19 suspect’s coughs and sneezes enter others’ respiratory system. The spread is fast and likely as COVID-19 has been confirmed to be able to survive for a long time in the air (airborne),” Dr. Ahmad explains. 

Beside droplets, he added, virus transmission can also possibly spread through physical contact. It can attach to door handles, furniture, electrical switches, TV remote controls, cell phones and walls. When one touches these surfaces then touches the eyes, nose or mouth, the virus may enter one’s body. 

“Especially on walls, the virus can survive for at least two hours to nine days, depending on temperature, humidity, exposure to sunlight and air circulation,” Dr. Ahmad says. 

Families tend to neglect cleaning their walls, the largest surface of the house. Therefore, Nippon Paint has developed a series of paints and coatings with antimicrobial SILVER-ION technology. 

“Silver-Ion technology development for our antimicrobial paints is a part of our efforts to halt the spread COVID-19 as a health risk to people,” Jon Tan, CEO (Decorative Paints) of Nippon Paint Indonesia, says.