The enticing charm of Lake Toba

Sianjur Mula Mula. (Photo: Mia Kamila)

IO – Talking about Lake Toba is the same as talking the seven regencies in its surrounding area – Simalungun, Toba Samosir, North Tapanuli, Hubang Hasundutan, Dairi, Karo and Samosir. 

So one can only imagine how vast the lake which is formed from a caldera from an ancient volcano called Mount Toba. Lake Toba does not only offer stunning natural beauty, the culture and custom of the people living around it are also unique. This is the reason why it is included as one of the new emerging tourism destinations called “10 New Balis”. 


Thinking of visiting Lake Toba? There are tons of activities here. You start your journey directly from the international airport of Kualanamu in Medan. Or if you can to try another route, you can land in Silangit Airport. 

From Silangit Airport, you rent a private vehicle to explore Lake Toba and of course enjoy its natural beauty. You can also use public transportation in the form of a minivan called “Sampri” which literally means a native of Samosir. 

To refresh yourself during the trip, sipping a distinctive Sidikalang coffee can be an option. There is a coffee shop in the Siborong-borong area that is very popular and serves great-tasting Sidikalang coffee. 

The trip to Dairi Regency can be made in about five hours from Siborong-borong. This regency is part of the Southern Lake Toba, where the 2018 Lake Toba Festival was held. 

The scene of green rolling hills only adds to the beauty of Tao Silalahi underneath. It’s a memorable moment not to be missed. 

 Freshwater beach 

Located in the village of Silalahi, Dairi Regency, Tao Silalahi is a beach on Lake Toba. Local people call it Silalahi Beach. That’s because the bank of this lake juts out making it looks like a beach with gentle waves. Even though it’s called a beach, the water is fresh. Many people come here for camping, fishing and more. 

Unlike Tao Silalahi, Batu Hoda Beach has a different view. Here one can enjoy the sweeping vista of an open body of water that feels like an ocean. The unique thing about this beach is that there are many scenic selfie spots where Millennials flock. 

Lumban Suhi Suhi 

Bataks are famous for their beautiful and expensive Ulos. If you want to see the process of Ulos making, you should pay a visit to Ulos craftsmen at the village of Lumban Suhi Suhi on Samosir Island. Children and adults in this village are skilled at the ancient Ulos weaving. The process can take up to days and even months. This is what makes Ulos so expensive. In the village of Lumban Suhi Suhi, visitors will see Ulos craftsmen sitting in rows working on a piece of cloth in front of the Bolon (Batak tribal house). 


Although there are seven districts in Lake Toba, the natural beauty of each is definitely unique. Lake Toba is like a beautiful girl: it’s still charming even when viewed from many different sides. 

Plan your trip and do some research about the unique destinations in Lake Toba before you go. The most popular route opted for by travelers is to land at Kualanamu Airport in Medan and continue the journey to Parapat. 

From Parapat, you can make a crossing using a ferry or canoe in Samosir. You can also take an alternative route from Silangit Airport and explore Samosir, Siborong-borong, and North Tapanuli. (Mia Kamila)