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The effect of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis on the Korean Peninsula situation


Jakarta, IO – Since the deadlock in nuclear talks between the DPRK and the US in 2019, the sluggish relationship between the DPRK and the ROK, and the arrival of the new crown pandemic in early 2020, which has led nations to suffer, the Korean peninsula has been relatively calm for a period of time. However, North Korea has claimed that it would no longer comply with its vow to pause ICBM and nuclear testing, and has launched a number of missiles, including an ICBM, since the beginning of this year. 

At the same time, Yoon Suk-yeol, a People Power Party, South Korean Conservative Party candidate, was chosen president of the next administration. The situation on the Korean peninsula is deteriorating due to the nuclear and missile threats. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict’s influence on the world’s political and economic structure has already reached the Korean Peninsula. The DPRK and the ROK have opposing perspectives on the Russia-Ukraine crisis, as well as opposing policy positions , complicating the situation on the Korean Peninsula. 

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The Russian-Ukrainian crisis exacerbates the concept of the Korean peninsula’s “new cold war” 

Following the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the DPRK attributed the root cause of the situation in Ukraine to US power and tyranny, believing that the Russia-Ukraine conflict was caused by “the US and the West ignoring Russia’s reasonable and legitimate demands for legal security and insisted on advancing NATO eastward.” The ramifications plainly support Russia’s perspective. South Korea, on the other hand, has taken the exact opposite line, not only imposing sanctions on Russia with the US and Europe, but also extending greater support and help to Ukraine. The differing perspectives of the DPRK and the ROK on the war between Russia and Ukraine originate not only from disparities in the pursuit of interests of the two nations, but also from the particular connection that the DPRK and the ROK have with Russia and the US, respectively. 


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