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The economic side of IIBF 2018


IO, Jakarta – The annual Indonesia International Book Fair (IIBF) will be held once again this year, from 12-16 September. The event will be held in the Jakarta Convention Center and will be attended by pub­lishers from 17 countries. Current­ly, the countries confirmed to attend are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Chi­na, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Germany, England, and Australia. In this year’s IIBF, the Indonesia Publisher’s Association (IKAPI), which organized the event, will hold a number of programs tied to the event. IKAPI also has its an­other reason for holding this year’s IIBF.

The main purpose of holding the IIBF 2018 is to continue the annu­al event journey which started in 2014 and is now an international­ly-recognized book fair. Early on, the IIBF only promoted new books where visitors could obtain special discounts. IKAPI wants to arouse reading interest and familiarize the public more intimately with books. IKAPI also wants to increase promo­tions and introduce new books to readers. However, this was in the be­ginning; after transforming into an International event with Indonesian books going international, and being followed by Indonesia being invited as a guest of honor to the Frankfurt book fair, Germany, in IIBF 2018, IKAPI has wanted to make the event stand out from other book fairs.

As a result, in IIBF 2018, IKAPI wants to widen its net, turning the book fair into a hub between do­mestic and international publish­ers within Southeast Asia, or even across Asia, while being recognized by other countries who hold similar events. In this year’s IIBF, focus has changed from business to customer to business to business as there are now copyright transactions between national and even international pub­lishers. Here, IKAPI believes there is an extraordinary potential for eco­nomic growth as when Indonesia was in the Frankfurt book fair it was already quite well-known and stood out amongst other countries.

“By holding the IIBF, IKAPI hopes that publishers will not have to go through the trouble of going abroad to sell their books, as there will be many international publishers at­tending the IIBF. As a result, there will be a large number of transac­tions between Indonesian and even International publishers,” said IKAPI Chairman Rosidayati Rozalina.

IKAPI also explained that there would be around 100 events held in the book fair. IIBFS 2018 will also hold competitive events between schools. In IIBF 2018 there will be several competitions in science and math, English, writing and story­telling. Participants will be students ranging from elementary school to high school. The science, math and storytelling competitions were enthusiastically received by partic­ipants in last year’s book fair.

This year, with the addition of two more competitive categories (English and writing) IKAPI hopes that enthusiasm will be even great­er than the year before. The science, math and English competitions will be held online, from the registration period until the elimination round. The final will be held in IIBFS from 12-16 September 2018, at the Ja­karta Convention Center. The sci­ence and math competition will take place in two parallel events, one in Indonesian and another in English.

IIBFS will work together will Pes­onaEdu, who is providing software for the competition. Winners will receive cash prizes, trophies, and certificates. (Aldo)


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