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The Dutch; enjoy food with a unique atmosphere


IO, Jakarta – When talking about food and restaurant it almost the same when we see interesting photographic work. The composition of the food, the atmosphere, the design and concept of the restaurant into a masterpiece that is greatly enjoyed by the audience of food at a restaurant. In enjoying a masterpiece in the food and restaurant, the value of money becomes very important as an element of comparison. When taste, atmosphere and service are combined into a composition that fits, then the food and the restaurant has a very high value. This is being carried by a restaurant located in Jakarta SCBD area called The Dutch Bistro and Bar. A restaurant that is part of Union Group was just launched in 2016. Spanish is the concept gastrobar with a unique design and a cozy, created to satisfy the visitors who want to enjoy gastrobar in Jakarta.

Indeed, this place is not too big but I think has a very interesting design with various displays, unique ornaments on each side of the restaurant. As the place is managed by Union Group, The Dutch headed by Chef Chris Moes, a Dutchman who previously worked in several renowned restaurants in Jakarta. The uniquely designed restaurant has the concept of food cold cuts, cured meats, smoked meats and sausage or sausage that are ready to be processed on the spot. In addition, you will be spoiled with a rich cuisine of spices and flavors, especially the barbeque.

Nearly two years in existence, this place has become an appropriate location for hangout that has become popular, due to the unique design and the interior. It has also become a favorite spot for photo meetups. So, though it may taste like a four star, but the uniqueness of the place is what makes the Dutch the perfect choice, and a five-star to hang out with your colleagues or family. Its strategic location becomes a plus for this restaurant, coupled with an atmosphere that gives the impression of homey feeling.The lights dim, the music, interior design mixed between industrial and vintage make the Dutch a very fun place to relax.

Carrying a restaurant smokehouse concept, The Dutch has identically the menu of smoked foods, not surprisingly, the menu offered here uses ingredients that have been smoked, such as bacon and sausage. Aside from being a restaurant, smokehouse that serves grilled food at The Dutch also prepares other foods such as brunch menu and a variety of sweet foods typically from the windmill country.

The Dutch also serves a selection of alcoholic drinks and beer on tap at affordable prices in the bar area. Beer on tap is a specialty of The Dutch and what is mandatory for you to order to accompany fatty foods is the One Meter Beer Rp. 300,000. One Meter Beer consists of 8 different types of beer ready to pamper your taste buds. As one restaurant that has a menu of food and a very unique atmosphere, I would recommend The Dutch to become one of the restaurants that you must visit on weekends. (aldo)


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