The “Culinary Tourism” of Sleman

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Every tourist seems to have a different goal; some want to please their eyes and capture the moment, get to know the local culture, while others look to shop for authentic souvenirs, enjoy nature, as well as please their tongue with the local cuisine.

Culinary Tourism (Gastronomy) has become an essential aspect, and often the most awaited event on vacations. In 2021, the prohibition on homecoming to interrupt the spread of COVID-19 should not halt relationships with people back home. Advances in technology, especially information and communication, make it possible to create an Eid atmosphere without having to gather face to face.

In addition to using a social online application such as Google Meet, Zoom or Skype, all popular in online learning, to buy local Sleman products and send them to the family at home can be an alternative to family gatherings. Sleman is rich in local flavors that can be enjoyed by everyone.

On the occasion, Sleman Regency Tourism Office highlights 10 Sleman Culinary menu items: Kripik Belut, Jadah Tempe, Soto Bathok Sambisari, Sate Kelinci Kaliurang, Bebek Bacem Pasar Ngino, Mangut Belut, Ayam Goreng Kremes Kalasan, Salak Pondoh, Wajik Kaliurang and Bebek Slenget.

Any of these 10 Sleman Culinary menu items can be another option for those who miss their hometown. “By ordering Sleman dishes in Sleman, it will satisfy our longing for Sleman or Jogja,” said Dra. Suci Iriani Sinuraya M.Si, M.M., Plt. Head of the Sleman Regency Tourism Office.