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The Cloud: Enjoy the beautiful view from the roof of a building


IO, Jakarta – Jakarta has many options of places to relax while enjoying the view of skyscraper buildings. Currently, spending time with colleagues or friends to savour a delicious meal and drinks on the rooftop has become a growing trend among urban communities. One of them is the lounge which is quite high in the middle of Jakarta, namely Cloud Lounge and Living Room at The Plaza, which has been present since 2014. As the name implies, I feel like I am above the clouds. Although, it is not so high compared to when I visit Henshin which is a restaurant with a similar concept in the last few editions.

Maybe for you who work in an office building with a height of tens of meters, you are already familiar with the views of the city, but in the Cloud Lounge the difference is, you can watch the beautiful sunset with your naked eye without having a glass to block you on the rooftop of The Plaza. Right from the 49th floor, you can see clearly the beauty of the capital. The Cloud also offers a different experience for visitors who come, such as a comfortable and quiet atmosphere. Rubyana Holman, as Marketing Manager, said that the main focus is the Cloud Lounge represents the concept of dining.

“In addition to the hangout place, our focus is the restaurant itself, so there will be exciting events, for example it can be used for private events such as birthday, gathering and so forth,” she said when we met at the Plaza, Central Jakarta.

Every room here has a minimalist interior style, so it looks elegant and neat. With a comfortable sofa and low sized desk, it is fitting to spend time in the Cloud Lounge. Not only that, while enjoying the scenery, you will be spoiled by the music that has a unique concept from other rooftop lounges.

“Here the music is not the same as anywhere else, here we play classy music, such as new jazz, disco, house and so on,” added Andez as Music Director.

“We want to provide a different atmosphere, by creating a warm setting as they lose track of time whilst listening to good music,” he explained.

While enjoying it, you can order tapas or commonly called snacks as well as a variety of cocktails. There is also a signature dish that can satisfy your stomach, ie Wagyu Beef Stew and The ciabata Bread, the bread slices with wagyu ciabata smoothed and sprinkled with potato plus cheese. As one restaurant which has an amazing view, you can also enjoy the evening with friends for much longer while in the Cloud Lounge as it closes at 2 am. Quite satisfying, having to be able to spend more time here. (Aldo)


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