The charm and depth of a small universe in the middle of the field

'Awas di Belakang!!!' Artwork. The paining is unique and very artistic, and if we observe more, it tells a warning for us to be vigilant, especially in political years. The lion beast is a symbol of a ruler in which the most powerful law of the jungle, and it surely rule. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – The world around the artist presents a variety of purposes for the artist. The work does not just happen solely from the artists’ personal interpretation of what he saw, it is also not impossible that the artists got the idea from the interpretations about the world around from others. It can be from books, the Internet, or just from for usual casual talks. Then, an artist is no longer just dealing with the interpretation that he created himself, he would also be among other interpretations. Around the world for an artist is not just where he lives, but more than that which is a “field of interpretations” artwork. Around the world is a “field of interpretations” that allows an artist to work their ideas and thrive.

When the world around is seen as a ‘macrocosm’ that surrounds the artist. So an artist as an individual, is a ‘microcosm’ (small universe) in the middle of field of interpretation. And, “Small Universe in the middle of the field of interpretation” this was the theme of contemporary art exhibitions by young artists of Indonesia for 11 days, from March 1 to 11 March 2018, held at Edwin’s Gallery, Kemang, South Jakarta.

Contemporary art exhibition is supported by 14 Indonesian artists, and curated by Danuh Tyas. This is a form of awareness and consistency of Martell, cognac drinks origin from France, with the number of high potential talent in the arts, including contemporary art. According to Edhi Sumadi, as Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Indonesia, art exhibition held in collaboration with Edwin’s Gallery based on experience, and feeling appropriate.

For the artist, the artwork is an embodiment of ideas, perspectives, and the fruit of their thoughts on everything that happens in the surrounding environment.

“Artists in creating a work of art, the exact same thought process with cognac makers that combine precision, skill, and patience, to produce a sense of high art,” said Edhi Sumadi.

Around the world analogous to a “field of meaning” that literature can make the idea work of an artist thrive. Such as those involved in this exhibition, namely: Abenk Alter, Anton Subiyanto, Emte (Muhammad Taufiq), Hendra ‘Blankon’ Priyadhani, I Putu Adi Suanjaya ‘Kencut,’ Michael Binuko, Ngakan Putu Agus Arta Wijaya, Nurrachmat Widyasena, Radhinal Indra , Rocka Radipa, Rudy Atjeh, Sekarputri Sidhiawati, Walid Syarthowi, and Yosefa Aulia.

Although, this is an art show that is held for the 12th time, Martell has still not forgotten the original purpose of this event, which is to promote contemporary art in Indonesia.

“To gain more recognition in the future from the international and domestic market which is also associated with the contemporary arts this country has,” said Edhi Sumadi.

For more than 300 years, Martell has become a symbol for the celebration of the French Art de Vivre symbolizing fun, beauty and passion for life that has been passed down from generation to generation in the large Martell family. Beauty and art are two things that are closely interrelated and provide historical touch in the creation of each bottle of cognac that never escapes the touch of a charming art.

Jaques Menier- Martell Heritage Director, who was accompanied by Edhi Sumadi, Jean Jacques Regnsult-Martell VIP Hospitaly Manager, and Edwin Rahardjo-Owner Edwin’s Gallery, said, “The three pillars of selected Martell Cognac as the primary basis, namely Art of Craftsmanship, Art of Tasting and Art of Gastronomy, are the pillars of the ‘blood’, and will continue to flow in every drop up to now and the future. ” (aldo)