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The biggest and the deepest lakes in Indonesia


IO – Legendary stories have always filled the ears of Indonesians since time immemorial. Every region that covers the archipelago is never separated from the stories of the people always ringing in their ears, for example Lake Toba, North Sumatra. Starting from a scientific point of view, folklore, until the myth it has become an integral part of the other aspect of Lake Toba.

The history of Lake Toba has always been an interesting discussion to explore more deeply relating to the origin of the formation of the island of Samosir in the middle. Lake area of ​​1130 km2 is the largest lake in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia that contains many historical values ​​and folklores. No wonder the name of Lake Toba already resonates to foreign countries.

Dr. Ir. Hj. Hidayati, M. Si as Head of Tourism Office of North Sumatra said, the other side of the beauty of Lake Toba is the history and folklore. “People who come to Lake Toba not only see the natural scenery, but people want to find out the origin of Lake Toba and Samosir Island,” said Hidayati.

“Due to the growing folklore there are many rocks that have become a conservation so that the surrounding community also keeps the rocks into a cultural heritage. Geopark caldera toba is an earth heritage that has incredible value based on geoheritage that is the supervolcano, “he added.

Indeed, until now there has been no historical fact of Lake Toba in addition to the massive volcanic eruption that occurred 75,000 years ago. According to the study, the eruption known as the eruption of Mount Supervolcano affects life on earth at that time. Almost half of human civilization was destroyed by eruptions that spewed 2,800 km2 of volcanic material and spewed volcanic ash to a radius of 10 km.

Some researchers until the expedition to the northern region of India to find the truth of the eruption of supervolcano from Mount Toba. The facts found 2,100 points of compatibility between volcanic volcanic dust particles of Toba mountain with volcanic dust particles in the country. With strong evidence, experts estimate that the loss of the atlantis region is the impact of eruption supervolcano this. This eruption also causes a large cavity on the edge of the mountain Toba. This cavity is the embryo of the formation of Lake Toba, while the island of Samosir is the peak of the mountain that has issued the volcanic material.

Based on the phenomenon, the community around began to utilize the geo-geographic region of Toba caldera to develop their life from economic and cultural aspect, hence Indonesian government also put lake of toba as national geopark of kaldera toba.

Samosir Island is a beautiful and exotic island located in the middle of Lake Toba. Above 1,000 meters sea level, the island is a favorite destination for tourists. In addition to the beauty offered, Samosir and Toba make the atmosphere more romantic. What would the power of Samosir be without any water ties around it. So also with Toba without Samosir, Toba will be a mediocre lake. Interestingly again, in Samosir Island there are also two lakes in it, namely Lake Sidihoni and Aek Natonang. In some villages on the island of Samosir tourists can also see how the process of making Ulos fabrics that require extra patience.

Lake Matano successfully carved record as the deepest lake in the country even Southeast Asia with depth of 590 meters from sea level. (photo: IO/Pramitha)

Lake Matano
The beauty of South Sulawesi is not only in Makassar alone. There are many natural attractions that are still unspoiled travelers. But there is one area in Bumi Batara Guru that is highly recommended for you to explore. From the lake scattered throughout Indonesia, Lake Matano successfully carved record as the deepest lake in the country even Southeast Asia with a depth of 590 meters from sea level. Lake Matano is also listed as the 8th deepest lake in the world.

This lake can be called crypto depression, just like the Dead Sea in the Jordan Valley, Egypt, and Death Valley in the United States. With the depth of the Lake Matano has a fairly strong gravitational flow.

In addition to its depth, if you visit this lake it will feel the sensation of beauty and freshness of air around that pamper yourself. Matano Lake is also home to hundreds of endemic species, such as crab shrimp and various types of rare fish. One of them is Buttini fish. This fish is a rare endemic species in the world and one of the earliest living animals to date.

This lake is said to be ancient lake because Matano Lake formed from tectonic activity since Pleosen era or about 1-4 million years ago. Therefore, it is not surprising that in it is also inhabited by ancient fish species. Even Lake Matano is also included in 10 ancient lakes that exist throughout Indonesia.

It Has Two Temperatures
The clarity of Lake Matano can not be doubted, the clarity of this lake helps you see the fish and rocks within a depth of 20 meters. In addition, there are two temperatures owned by Matano Lake, which is on the surface of a warm and only adrift 2 Celsius at the bottom.

This lake also has iron content, but minimal oxygen content in it. According to many researchers, the condition of Lake Matano is similar to the conditions of the sea on earth in the period about 2.5 million years ago. (Pramitha Hendra)


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