The beauty of the island Gam behind the charming Raja Ampat

Gam Island offers activities including diving, snorkeling, and birdwatching. (photo: Pramitha Hendra)

IO – When talking about the beauty of Raja Ampat will never end, and this time we will review Gam Island which is one of the tourist locations. Although, it is relatively small, but this island can accommodate several villages like on Waigeo Island, which is still in one area. Thanks to its location not far from the Dampier Strait which is well-known as a favorite dive spot, the name of the island has become well-known as a friendly tourist attraction for travelers.

Pulau Gam offers tourism activities that are not much different from other islands’ tour packages. The main activities on the island are still around diving, snorkeling and birdwatching. Lush coral reefs that fill the Dampier strait on the south coast of the island and a row of mangroves that also pack the area. It is very suitable for you to explore. You can also ask the bungalow owner to guide you to Manta, west of Mansuar, if you want to do snorkeling.

In fact, you can also dive because the area in the resort of Mansuar, is quite close to diving spots. Not only for underwater scenery, this island is also famous for its preoccupation of seeing peacocks. Moreover, villages that offer accommodation services are also located not far from this spot. Even though Waigeo has more bird collections mathematically, the fanfare of the birds there is enough to spoil your ears and eyes.

As for accommodation, Raja Ampat Dive resort is the second remote lodging place after Misool. Therefore, you won’t be surprised when you get there and read the rates that are charged during your stay. Luckily, this island has many bungalows which exceeds the number of surrounding islands. In total, there are 3 bungalows in Sawinggrai village and 1 in Yanwapnor. Here the author recommends doing a check-in long before you decide where to stay. Because the quality and rates offered there are quite varied. However, about strategic factors, you do not need to worry because all the bungalows are close enough in the Dampier strait area for activities like diving and snorkeling or just to enjoy the beauty of paradise birds.

Located in a location far from human civilization, you must rent a boat or boat from Waisai to get to Pulau Gam. Preferably, make an agreement with the ship operator to pick up at the inn. The distance that must be traveled to the location of accommodation, you have to prepare around Rp. 800,000.

At least, there are 3 main spots on this island, namely the strait, western bay, and one bay that is quite hidden. The strait separates Gam and Wigeo from the landscape of the small islands that lie. Besides offering a beautiful view of the boat, the attraction of underwater tours is also no less tempting. After that, there is a hidden bay that often escapes the scrutiny of tourists. In fact, there are rows of corals and sharks dancing among island rocks. Finally, the western bay is facing the Kep. Pef which is also worth visiting even though the charm of its beauty is not as beautiful as a hidden bay.

Traveling to Raja Ampat, has always been an extraordinary experience. Of the many islands, the name Pulau Gam sounds quite fragrant even though it is not as wide as the surrounding islands. However, the area where the resort is adjacent to tourist spots, making it a destination that must be considered by every tourist. (Pramitha Hendra)