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The beauty of Cirajeg Waterfall, between rice fields


IO – For nature lovers, you no longer need to go far to see the natural beauty in Sukabumi, there is one interesting tourist attraction for you to visit. In Sukabumi now, there are Cirajeg waterfalls that can beautify Instagram feeds if you like to share photos and get new experiences with the natural scenery that this place offers.

Cirajeg waterfall is in Cirajeg Hamlet, Neglasari Village, Purabaya District, Sukabumi, West Java. Cirajeg waterfall itself is a waterfall originating from the river flowing around Neglasari Village to the center of the Sukabumi Purabaya District. What is unique about Cirajeg waterfall is its location or position and the natural conditions around it which are still very natural, located in the middle of a vast rice field.

Cirajeg waterfall is taken from the name of the hamlet in the village. According to residents in Cirajeg village, a stretch of terraced rice fields is located on the banks of the river. Across the Cirajeg waterfall, it used to be a small village and that was where the Cirajeg hamlet was. However, due to the landslide disaster they finally decided to move to a safer place that was located opposite their native village.

It is not difficult to find this natural tourist attraction because it is only about 4 kilometers from the Purabaya District Office. To get to the location, it can be reached using four-wheeler vehicles. Cirajeg waterfall is also included in a semi-permanent waterfall, because during the dry season, the volume of water fall is relatively very small.

To go to Cirajeg waterfall you will pass a road which is a very narrow village road. If it is during the rainy season, it will be a little difficult to get into this path. Because in addition to it being narrow, the road will also be muddy and there are several roads that are connected with makeshift logs. You will trace the descending surface of the road until you meet a rice field. Four-wheeled vehicles will only be able to reach the last point on a soccer field, while two-wheeled vehicles can get to the last housing just before the paddy fields. There is no parking area, only makeshift land in front of residents’ houses, so you should ask permission to leave your motorbike and park it neatly. The journey is then to be continued on foot. If you get lost, don’t hesitate to ask the local people because the residents already know the location of the waterfall.

The path to the waterfall is towards the downstream of the river. From the path, take the right side of the first paddy field, then take the right again downstream. Residents there say in the direction of Lebak which means below. The paddy fields that has become the main lane are quite narrow and you have to cross the irrigation stream with bridges from one small makeshift bamboo stick. Continuing on by traversing the irrigation stream to a wider area of ​​rice fields. Follow the path that is slightly wide but take the one that leads to the river flow.

There are several points where the road is slightly muddy and made of stone stairs because the distance between the paddy fields is slightly high. There are also footpaths that slightly cover the irrigation stream covered with shrubs. It is better to be careful when choosing a footing, because not all the soil and stones are stable. There is also a point where the track must go slightly into the mud.

Most of the garbage around Cirajeg waterfall is in the form of straw stacks and tree branches. The number of visitors which is still very rare, is also one of the factors that still keeps the environment around Cirajeg Waterfall clean. The waterfall area is quite narrow. Even for a place to take a rest it is just on a haystack that is quite thick and soil in one of the hardened rice fields. If it rains or the sun is hot, there is very little place to take shelter. This is not an obstacle so there is no harm in trying to visit with a very good view of rice fields and clear flowing water. This is perfect for filling the feeds of Instagram tourists who do not have a long vacation time. (Mahrayuni)


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