The beach charm and underwater beauty of Sangiang Island

Visitors can capture the magnificent of the sunset moment in Harapan hill. (photo: IO/Prive. Doc)

IO, Banten – Want to have a new and exciting weekend? Beach tours to Sangiang Island can be an option. You can invite friends, or family to the island in this area of ​​Banten. The environment of the island is still naturally green with tropical forests, white sandy beaches with blue water and filled with calm adding to it’s exotic feeling.

Sangiang Island is often called as the Seven Wonders of Banten. The nickname Seven Wonders of Banten given is not without a cause. This exotic island offers many beauty tours in Banten. The island has some beautiful beaches.

Sangiang Island is located in Cikoneng Village, Anyer District, Serang District, Banten. It is in the Sunda Strait or about 10 km from Anyer Beach.

From Jakarta, it takes 2 hours by car to arrive at Paku Anyer Harbor. The next journey continues using the boat to Sangiang Island for 1 hour.

Many travel services offer trips to this island, with rates between Rp 400 thousand – Rp 550 thousand, including homestay, meals and snorkeling equipment.

Before arriving at Sangiang Island, 2 places become an option for snorkeling. Namely Legon Waru and Tanjung Bajo. Its natural beauty underwater that is still lively for tourist attraction. While snorkeling, you will find wide ranges of fishes.The most common type is clown fish often referred to as nemo.

After satisfied with snorkeling, the journey continues to Sangiang Island. The enchanting mangrove forest in Muara Kedondong, upon entering the island, is not to be passed by and missed.

On this island only 50 families live. Language used, in addition to mastering 4 Languages, Indonesia, Sunda, Java Banten, and Lampung.

The beauty of the island
If you want to stay on this island, home residents can be an option. Or available are stage houses for rent. Want something cheaper? You can build your own tent on this island.

Arriving on this island, you can see a variety of typical plants such as sea dadap, sea pine, ketapang bayur, fires, sea waru, nyamplung and walikukum. In addition, there are also a variety of protected animals such as sea doves, sea eagles, grouse, seagulls. If you are lucky, you can see dolphins dancing in the vast sea gracefully. What a beautiful sight.

The natural beauty of Sangiang Island is located on the white sand beach, long sand beach, and Batu Mandi beach which is also decorated by mangrove plants around it. So if you love the scenery of plants and the beauty of the beach, this is a perfect island for you. You can also climb steep cliffs, panoramic cave in Bat Cave with many bats in it, as well as hordes of sharks who prey on bats. As the location of Bat cave is located on the beach, we can see the waves. Isn’t it interesting!

By enjoying a holiday in Sangiang Island, it certainly can give a nice sensation to our minds. How would it not, with all the beauty offered by it, the mind feels fresh and ready to go back to work with passion. Quickly prepare to go there and enjoy the tour of Pulau Sangiang Banten filled with fun. Have a good vacation! (dessy)