Saturday, March 2, 2024 | 13:17 WIB

The Association of Indonesian Music Promoters: between works and challenges


Jakarta, IO – Social media has been circulating an argument on a recently held music event in Jakarta that was planned to last for three days but halted on the third day, as it violated safety protocol. 

As Indonesia’s first and only music promoter association, The Association of Indonesian Music Promoters (APMI) pleaded with the public to see matters objectively and keep a cool head. 

The music and performing arts have bounced back from the pandemic after a devastating two years, which forced the government to formulate policies related to procedures for conducting live events and music concerts. 

Throughout 2022, there have been over 50 local and international music festivals held in Indonesia. The revival of live music events is a much-awaited moment for all music stakeholders. Numerous parties are involved in live music events, providing thousands of people with livelihoods. 

Music event promoters embrace the awakening moment of live music events, as they allow people to be gainfully employed and earn a living. Various vendors welcome the opportunity to reuse equipment and supplies stored away for more than two years. Small or famous prominent musicians and their crews are now able to perform their musical works to provide entertainment. Furthermore, festivals and gigs inviting international musicians promote Indonesia and help the country to gain its trust as a safe country to hold international events. The live music event also positively impacts the hospitality, culinary and transportation business. 


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