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The 2024 Grebeg Suro Opening Ceremony Ponorogo for the world

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Jakarta, IO – Ponorogo Square was bustling with exquisite lights, thriving symphony music, and a spectacular colossal dance performance that sparked visitors’ enthusiasm. The main stage was the venue for the annual Grebeg Suro 2024, officially launched by Ponorogo Regent Sugiri Sancoko on Thursday night, June 27, 2024. Despite the rain, Ponorogo locals stayed at the event and enjoyed the celebration. 

Sugiri Sancoko and Deputy Regent Lisdyarita, who have been leading Ponorogo, or Bumi Reog, for three years and our months, attended the event in Penadhon, traditional Ponorogo attire, and expressed pride and gratitude for being able to host the festive 2024 Grebeg Suro. 

According to Sugiri, Grebeg Suro is a blend of ancestral heritage and contemporary culture. The tradition of Reog Ponorogo has been designated an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” (ICH) by UNESCO. 

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“Thank you, Ponorogo residents, for witnessing the annual Grebeg Suro event in Ponorogo. This is a blend of the nuance of the past, the effort of the present and hopes for the future,” said Kang Giri (Sugiri Sancoko’s nickname), in his opening speech. 

Sugiri also aspires for this year’s event to drive the economy and champion Ponorogo culture. “The 2024 Grebeg Suro has the potential to attract tourists while boosting the economy of Ponorogo residents,” concluded Sugiri.

(IO/Dessy Aipipidely)

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