Monday, May 29, 2023 | 22:52 WIB

The 2023 Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival:
Let Music Lead Your Memories


Jakarta, IO – The creative industry has bounced-back. Last year, the Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival was the first post-pandemic, featuring Indonesian and international musicians and attended by foreign visitors.

Following security procedures during the event preparation was not easy, but the support of various government agencies made it possible for the event to take place. There are numerous tasks to complete, including obtaining permits, enforcing health and safety protocols, making many adjustments so that the festival runs smoothly, and, most importantly, providing creative industry workers with an opportunity to work.

Last year’s ticket purchase procedure required ticket buyers to verify their vaccine status. In the end, despite the hassle, all visitors followed
the procedures, and the festival went well. It even set an example for other event promoters to keep the business going.

The 2022 Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival was held for three days with ten stages and hundreds of line-ups. The show succeeded in attracting live music fans who onged for a concert.

Organizing music events helps build Indonesia’s creative industry. The same event will take place on June 2–4, 2023. This time the Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival will be held at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia.


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