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The 2023 Deep Purple World Tour in Solo


Jakarta, IO – Since the day Deep Purple and God Bless crossed their path, only God knew that that fateful meeting would lead to an endless creation. 

They met as an idol and fans. The relationships soon developed into rock bands’ friendships that have stood the test of time and survived rapid changes in music. 

Deep Purple formed in London in 1968 and has had several lineup changes. In 1973, Deep Purple Mark II was the most commercially successful line-up but suffered a break-up and was soon supplanted by Mark III, with Glenn Hughes (bass) and David Coverdale as vocals. 

Thousands of miles away from London, a newly-formed Indonesian music band, God Bless, had just started its career in the music business, covering songs from their favorite music bands, including Deep Purple. 

As a rock band, God Bless flourished when the ban on rock ‘n’ roll, or “music with a strong beat,” was lifted, during the latter part of the New Order government era. Soon, more music genres penetrated the country, and more Indonesian rock bands, known as “underground” bands, emerged. 

At the beginning of the Mark III era, in 1974, Deep Purple released the album “Burn,” then “Stormbringer”; next was their 10th album, “Come Taste the Band” in 1975, the only album where guitarist Timmy Bolin replaced Ritchie Blackmore. 

In the same year, God Bless released their new debut, God Bless. The cover of the album presented Achmad Albar and his iconic afro-frizzy hair and consisted of song hits such as “Huma di Atas Bukit,” “Rock di Udara,” and “Setan Tertawa.” 


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