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The 2022 Village International Gastronomy:
a showcase of Indonesian products


The 2022 Village International Gastronomy- a showcase of Indonesian products
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Teluk Bintuni Regency holds 257,000 hectares of mangrove forest area. The Government introduced and promoted the mangrove by-products, as MSMEs merchandise. 

Jakarta Kopi Premium, as the acting coordinator of the event, also promoted Bintuni coffee, a renowned Indonesian brand. “We hope to broaden the international market, as Indonesia presents the best coffee in the archipelago – especially Bintuni coffee. We aim to attract potential buyers from Paris, as that city is a world gastronomic icon,” said Aripin the founder of Jakarta Kopi Premium. 

Another exhibition participant, Kembang Samudera, introduced local MSME handicraft products aimed at the European market. Kembang Samudera was involved in curating products and supporting the Nusantara MSME crafts, representing Indonesian culture and ecotourism in the most active world event. 

“Cultural values are a nation’s identity. Indonesia, with its abundant culture certainly needs to preserve it,” said Lembayung Kencana, the founder of the Kembang Samudra. 


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