The 2022 Experience Semarang Getaway:
Semarang and Yogyakarta tourism collaboration

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Jakarta, IO – The Semarang City Tourism Strategy is a collaboration between the Semarang Tourism Agency, the Yogyakarta Tourism Agency and the Yogyakarta Tourism Promotion Board (BP2KY). The event invited fifty potential tourists (buyers), consisting of Corporate, Travel Bureaus, and Event Organizers in Jogja, to meet sellers from Semarang Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions and Souvenir Centers to participate in the “2022 Experience Semarang Getaway”, held at Harper Malioboro on May 24, 2022. 

Samsul Bahri, Acting Secretary of the Semarang Culture and Tourism Agency, said that tourism in Jogja had historically been more advanced than that of Semarang. “We wish to collaborate to increase tourism,” he expressed his intention. 

“We presented 50 buyers from Jogja and 25 sellers from Semarang to collaborate and boost tourism in Semarang and Jogja,” added Wahyu Hendratmoko, Head of the Yogyakarta Tourism Agency.