The 2021 Sleman Dimas Diajeng

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – After holding the Sleman Dimas Diajeng (PDDS) Election in 2018, the Sleman Tourism Office again collaborated with the Sleman Dimas Diajeng Association (IDDS) to hold the bi-yearly agenda. The 30 finalists, consisting of 15 pairs of Dimas and Diajeng were supposed to carry out the provision, project, and coronation in 2020. However, due to the pandemic, it had to be postponed for about a year.

Previously, part of the agenda, such as finalist selection, provision of tourism and culture, and projects by finalists took place. In early 2021, further briefing, final judging, and the coronation of Sleman Dimas Diajeng were held. There have been several changes in plans though, such as eliminating the media visits, city tours, field programs, and quarantine before the coronation – the event of coronation was not opened to the public.

Nevertheless, PDDS 2021 has been carefully planned by the organizers by adapting to the new normal conditions, especially following health protocols, without impairing its essence. Finalists also raised awareness and donations through the #DimjengSlemanLawanCOVID19 and #PedulidariRumah campaign.

The Peak Ceremony of 2021 Sleman Dimas Diajeng took place at the Malika Ballroom of Sleman City Hall on Friday (09/04) which was held closed to the public with a limited number of participants. It was broadcasted through the YouTube Ikatan Dimas Diajeng Sleman and Instagram @dimjengsleman. The coronation marks the end of the term of 2018 Sleman Dimas Diajeng, Afian Ruliana Arbi and Erina Sofia Gudono.

In the event, 15 pairs of Sleman Dimas Diajeng were officially crowned. 2021 Sleman Dimas and Diajeng: Dimas Muhammad Ibnu Azzulfa and Diajeng Katarina Al-manda Ajeng.

The coronation ceremony was hosted by MC Tio Andito and Fira Sasmita, and was enlivened by various performances including the Beksan Sekar Pudyastuti Jugag Dances were performed by Diajeng Acintyaswati and Diajeng Wulansari, the 2014 Sleman Diajeng, and the Golek Ayun-Ayun Dance performed by Diajeng Laras, the 2019 Sleman Diajeng Cilik. Also, there were musicians, including Rhu Band and Niss Wahab, who successfully performed various songs that made the coronation atmosphere even more festive.

Head of the Sleman Tourism Office Dra. Suci Iriani Sinuraya, M.Sc., MM stated, “The purpose of choosing Dimas Diajeng is to choose tourism ambassadors who can interact with the community, especially the younger generation through various positive activities – it is hoped that the elected ambassadors of Sleman can fulfill expectations according to the tagline, character, care, and achievement.”

Regent of Sleman, Hj. Kustini Sri Purnomo, who was present at the event, said that the Dimas Diajeng is expected to be a medium and a means to increase knowledge and insight about tourism, and can be disseminated to the wider community through social media to increase tourism visits. “Dimas and Diajeng are the tourism public relations of Sleman Regency. They are given challenges that are not easy to preserve Javanese culture so that the richness of arts and culture in Sleman Regency is not displaced by foreign arts and culture.”

Muhammad Ibnu Azzulfa as 2021 Sleman Dimas hoped that in the future they can work together with other young people, especially in the inclusive and innovative tourism sector. Meanwhile, Katarina Almanda Ajeng mused “Hopefully in the future, it can contribute and develop the potential of society and skills.”