Tested negative for salmonella, Kinder Joy can go back on sale

Kinder Joy
Kinder Joy sold in supermarket (Source: Kompas)

Jakarta, IO – The Indonesian Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) confirmed that Kinder or Kinder Joy chocolate treats registered in Indonesia can go back on sale after it was withdrawn from the market recently.

“A random sampling has been carried out taking into account regional representation based on a risk assessment and testing of Kinder Joy, Kinder Joy for Boys, and Kinder Joy for Girls chocolate products registered in Indonesia. The laboratory testing showed that the three products were tested negative for Salmonella contamination,” wrote BPOM in its statement, as reported by Liputan 6, Saturday (30/4).

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Previously, BPOM withdrew Kinder Joy from the market because of concerns that the popular product might also be contaminated with Salmonella as what happened in several European countries such as Belgium and the UK where reportedly many children were infected.